The New North-South Fusion Cuisine In A Slow Food Luxury Dining Environment

Kolya Restaurant

Fine Dining in Brussels Under A Glass Dome

La salle du Restaurant avec son décor, alliant le luxe à l’élégance, vous fera passer et déguster un long instant de bonheur gustatif.

Notre programme de vin est également moderne et trouve l’inspiration dans le monde entier.

Fine Dining in Brussels Under A Glass Dome

Our cuisine is stylish, created by our Executive Chef, Kolya is bursting with traditional Belgian cuisine and specialities enlivened by Eurasian Gastronomies and Mediterranean spices. It is the new north-south fusion cuisine in a slow food environment.
The restaurant room with its decoration, combining luxury with elegance, will make you pass and taste a long moment of culinary happiness.

Our wine program is also modern and finds inspiration all over the world